“I’ve Moved!!”

I decided to take the advice of some of the blogging experts and go over to wordpress.org…so that I could become a .com…lol

During that process I took a lot of time to think about the goals of my blog and where I wanted to be in the proverbial 2 yr, 5yr, 10yr concept…we all have come across that question at some point in our lives…if not frequently.

So the new name of the blog is “Rare Birds” I consider myself to be one…or so I’ve been told enough times in life whether through a compliment or criticism…you know the kind.

I embrace being a bit different, as an artist it’s a requirement…and I know many of my readers are like me. So this is our blog, and we’ll celebrate being rare, unique, and powerfully beautiful in our individuality. There can only be one you…that’s the only requirement of this blog…deal?

Periodically I’ll feature women who I think are fabulous rare birds…

So click here, robynmcclendon.com and enter into my world, inhabited by all “Rare Birds”

Come over and find out more about Suzanne Brogger…although the outfit says it all!


“Sisterhood Of The Traveling…Boho Suede Crochet Jacket”


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This is a fabulous vintage find, as you know I love just about anything Boho, the color of this little jacket was so current and very appealing. A great addition to my fall wardrobe.

Shen and I decided it would be a great piece to style going into fall!

I have to say something about Almost Famous Jeans…I Love Them!!!… if you have some booty and you got legs…lol…these are the best…cause they can accommodate it all… in style and comfort…that kind of thing is important for us girls who carry our dowry on our backs…:)

I can literally buy these jeans in my size without trying them on and they fit!

And yet I’ve seen slender ladies put them on and they fit just as good…now that’s a well rounded jean…and they don’t cost a lot…even better!

These are my new favorite cold weather boots…some drama, some sex appeal, some warmth…lol

Jacket-Vintage, Shirt- 70’s Thrifted, Jeans-Almost Famous, Belt-Gucci, Boots-Adrienne Vittadini, Sunglasses-random NY street fashion, Jewelry-my designs over at Boluxe.com

Dash over to Shen’s blog and see what she did with this little number!

As always…much love


“Contemplating Black and White”

I love Black and White! Especially in Art…my favorite paintings in my studio are always the Black and White ones…I enjoy working with the black black ink on crisp white paper…such a thrill….

once said by Mr. Wilde…”Life mimics Art”…and so with fashion this season there are lots of interpretations in Black and White….

The first image is a throw back to the fifties,the artwork set the tone for this post

Some runway images that I love in black and white…

And some street style…first from the Queen of the “Runway…Street Style” Ms. ADR

more street style from Paris Fashion Week…

This is kind of black and white….well…you know I’ve got to fit leopard in some way…lol

I love here how the white invitation she’s holding, to one of the fashion shows, is that pop of white the outfit needed…was it on purpose or a fantastic accident?…who cares…right…cause it works!

and a little black and white inspiration for the home…some of my art around my home in New Mexico…

and some from my inspiration files…

a little vintage inspiration…this pic is from “sea of shoes” “Austin Diaries” on one of her and her mom’s “Atlantis Home” recent vintage shopping trips…

And what would a post be on my blog…if I weren’t in it…lol…me in a vintage Vollbracht…

Last and certainly not least…I must share with you a new artist’s blog that I got turned onto from sketch42….Tenka Gammelgaard…here’s a few pics but you’ve got to go to her blog and experience her for yourself…

I love this concept for a ballet that tributes Chanel…love it!!

I could go on but, let me leave something for you to discover…this women is on her A game at all times!!

As always…much love


“I Love Animal Print In Just About Everything!”



I purchased this belt a few years ago in Chicago at the Nicole Miller store, at full price!!
That’s how much I loved it and new it would add to my wardrobe.

Pretty Shiny Sparkly has a new bloggers challenge that I always enjoy participating in, however I’m in the middle of a major move and not wearing clothes suitable for taking pics not to mention a challenge. So I pulled this from an earlier post I did on turquoise. 🙂


Another animal print look


As Always…Much Love


“Black + White Prints”


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I Love black and white together, in fashion, art, and home decor. I think that this combo balances whatever it’s around and soothes the mind.

The dress I’m wearing today, I’ve pulled from the retro side of my closet. It’s a Micheal Vollbracht a 80″s designer. It was one of my first “major money” designer purchases, I knew that it was a classic and had the foresight to hold onto it through my many incarnations!

Here the dress in 2011 is as fresh as ever coupled with my over the top coral collection from my boluxe jewelry line. My designs can be purchased or special ordered here

Here’s a little something about Michaele…

Vollbracht, born 1947 in Quincy, Illinois, is a fashion designer who has worked both under his own name, and also as head designer for Bill Blass Limited from 2003 until his resignation in 2007. He is also well known as an illustrator, though he considers himself first and foremost a fashion designer. In 1979 he launched his own line, which was received so well that it earned him the Coty Award the very next year. The company folded in 1985 due to Vollbracht having accepted financial backing from Johnny Carson, which was withdrawn during Carson’s bitter divorce from his third wife. Wikipedia

You can find some of his pieces on ebay, I would definitely snapped it up if you like his style, because it’s still fresh, timeless and I believe a great collectible.


Dress- Vollbracht, Sunglasses – Diorette by Dior

Coral Necklaces, my designs boluxe jewelry

Shoes- Aldo, Bracelets- from my sterling silver collection

As Always…Much Love


The mere mention of Bohemian anything can change even the worst mood in me!

My jewelry line is named boluxe, one of those made up words I coined to describe bohemian luxury, the exotic, well traveled, over the top, non conventional, artistic, old world, silk road lovelies.

Have a creative Saturday as I contemplate all things bohemian.

As Always…Much love and Peace


“For The Love Of Turquoise”


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As a Jewelry designer there are certain stones that can really inspire me…and turquoise is one of them.

Here are pics of some of my turquoise collection… the top is a design from my leather line…I’ll show more items from my leather designs throughout the fall and winter.


Jewelry-Turquoise my designs from boluxe.com, vintage pieces-thrifted, Top- boluxe leather collection, belt- Nicole Miller

Much Love


“FNO Chicago”



Shen and I were in Chicago during Fashion Week, coming from the west we had to stop in Chicago on business and then got caught in the bad weather and didn’t get into New York as we had intended.

However, Chicago was a lot of fun many events, the one Shen and I were most excited about was the opening of Top Shop’s second US store, right on Michigan Ave in Chicago. Beautiful store, fabulous fall trends.

I snapped pics with my iphone unfortunately I left my camera, but lucky in a way because half way through the events it began pouring raining so we made a mad dash for the car…seems like it rained in several cities during FNO.

Lots of beauty makeovers and food tasting around town…

As Always…Much Love


“Sisterhood Of The Traveling… Cropped Wrap Sweater”

Today’s Traveling Sisterhood item is very special to Shen and I, because it’s one of my sister, Stacey’s designs. She has an incredible fashion sense, which is constantly evolving, she always looks so beautiful with a unique flare.

Stacey is an awesome designer, working in knits, her ideas always amaze me and I get to be the thrilled recipient of her fashion inspirations. I’m a kid again at Christmas time 🙂

The item that we chose to style is a long tube of super soft cotton yarn, that can wrap as many ways as one can image.


Sweater- my sister Stacey’s design, Top-Danskin, Skirt-from a boutique in Nice, France, Shoes-Crown Vintage, Sunglasses-Oliver Peoples, Belt-Abercrombie & Fitch, Jewelry-boluxe.com

Of course you’ve got to go right over to see what Shen did with this fantastic sweater!!

As Always…Much Love